During the 10 years of being an ensemble, the ”EQ” has prepared more than 10 concert programmes. Usualy musicians combine different programmes in their performance, which diversifies each concert. The “Expromt”s repertoire is always being enriched with new compositions of miscellaneous genres. Below is a list of programmes with several representative examples of compositions.
“A Midsummer´s Night Dream”
European and Russian classics, Modern Classics
  • W.A. Mozart - Overture from “The Marriage of Figaro”
  • F. Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
  • W. Gavrilin – Expromt-Quintet – Fantasy on a theme from the ballet “The Marriage of Balzaminov”
  • F. Mendelssohn – Scherzo from “A Midsummer´s Night Dream”, incidental music for the comedy by William Shakespeare
  • G. Rossini – Neapolitan Tarantella
  • C. Saint – Säns – “Danse Macabre”
  • P.I. Tchaikovsky – “Autumn song” (from “The Seasons”)
  • D. Shostakovich – “From Jewish Folk Poetry”
  • S. Slonimsky – “Enchanting” from “Exotic Suite”
  • I. Rogalev – Festival Overture

Russian Music on Russian Instruments
  • M.I. Glinka – Overture from “Russlan and Liudmilla”
  • M.P. Mussorgsky – “The Market-Place at Limoges”, “Ballet of the Unhatched Chickens” from “Pictures at an Exhibition”
  • D. Shostakovich – Suite from the ballet “The Bolt”
  • W. Gavrilin – Waltz from the ballet “House on the Round”
  • A. Borodin – Polovetsian dances from “Prince Igor”
  • D. Shostakovich – “Folk Celebration”

Good old songs
  • P. Heidrich – “Good old song”
  • E. Petrov – “Expromt-Fantasia”
  • W.A. Mozart – E. Petrov – «Meine Kleine Nachtmusik»
  • M. Tariverdev – Terem-Quartet – “The Little Prince”
  • S. Zagorodnikov – “And so fell last year´s snow”
  • Jean Batist “Jango” Reinheart – “Mafia”
  • Expromt-Quintet – Nostalgia (“A tired sun”)
  • A. Velásquez – “Bésame mucho”
  • S. Zagorodnikov – “Somewhere in Texas”
  • A. Tzigankov – “Padespan”
  • L. Afanasev – “Looking at Blue Lakes”

Music of the World
Arrangements of various folk melodies
  • A. Byzov – “Vatalinka” Siberian joke song
  • A. Byzov – Arrangement of Jewish folk melody “Sha, Shtil”
  • B. G. Bregovich - S. Zagorodnikov – “Balcanskaya”
  • A. Tzigankov – Karelian – Finnish Polca
  • A. Tzigankov – “Two-step”
  • A. Shalov – Arrangement of Russian joke song “Come on, Semeon”
  • Expromt-Quintet – Neapolitan song

Peter MIGUNOV (bass) and Expromt-Quintet
  • G. Rossini – Bazilio´s aria from “The Barber of Seville”
  • M. Glinka – Farlafa´s rondo from “Russlan and Liudmilla”
  • Dargomyzhsky – Melnik´s aria from “Rusalka”
  • S. Rachmaninov – Aleko´s aria from “Aleko”
  • M. Mussorgsky – Varlaam´s song from “Boris Godunov”
  • P. Tchaikovsky – “At the crowded ball…”
  • P. Tchaikovsky – “Don Juan´s Serenade”
  • N. Listov – “I remember the glorious sound of the waltz”
  • A. Obuhov – “The gate”
    M. Shishkin – “The night is light”
  • P. Bulahov – “Shine, shine, my star”
  • N. Harito – The chrysanthemum have withered”
  • V. Malahovskaya, words by A. Blok – “Harmonica”, “Of the courageous and the brave”, “The stranger”
  • V. Malahovskaya – “Limericks”
  • Traditional Russian romance “Black eyes”
  • Russian folk song “The old lime tree”
  • Russian folk song “Korobeiniki”
  • Russian folk song “There lived twelve bandits”
  • Russian folk song “Across the Piterskaya”
  • V. Litovchenko – Song cycle on poems by S. Esenin (Arranged by A. Milyutin)
    1. Wood grouses
    2. Red month
    3. My maple, sad maple
    4. The leaves are falling
    5. In the land where there is a red nettle
    6. Shine, my star…
    7. Come on, Talianka
    8. I´m only passing through in this world
    9. Flowers on the window sill
    10. The bird cherry tree draws it´s leaves like snow
    11. You don´t love me
    12. What a night!

Oleg Weinstein (piano) and Expromt-Quintet
  • G. Rossini – Overture from “William Tell”
  • I. Rogalev – “Expromt-concerto” for piano and Expromt-Quintet
  • A. Piazzolla – Verano Porteño
  • G. Sviridov – Romance
  • V. Gavrilin – “Sketches”: Riding the troika, Yamskaya, Dreaming a dream, Toreadors, Tarantella
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